Gladiators Software

Gladiators Software is a developer of games and theming software. The current developer portfolio contains 47 programs. The most popular software is Aston with 23 installations on Windows PC.

Nick Egorov

Best software by Gladiators Software

It is a Windows theme customization package that replaces the standard one.
Create several virtual desktops and place different open applications on them.
Program that lets you use a different shell for Windows.

Popular programs by Gladiators Software

Star Blaze 2
"shoot 'em up" game with great astonishing graphics.
Aston2 Menu
windows start menu replacement tool.
Star Blaze
A space shooter game featuring amazing visual effects and high quality graphics.
Fox Hunting
The goal of a game is to find all the foxes by minimal amount of the moves.
Totally delightful arcade game filled with fun and adventure.

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